Intangible Goods is retail therapy taken to the next level


Intangible Goods is an ongoing art project by artists Elizabeth Commandeur & Mark Starmach, first presented by Art & About Sydney, which takes a playful approach to contemporary psychology and consumption. The project's intent is to further normalise and remove stigma from daily mental health issues experienced by the wider population. All profits from the project go to organisations that research mental illness or offer support to those experiencing mental health issues.

To break down stigma and isolation, we are helping raise awareness and understanding of mental illness. This Art and About Sydney project is a great way of encouraging more people to think about this important topic and hopefully assist those in need.
— Lord Mayor Clover Moore

How was the work made?


Each Intangible Good has been made for a specific psychological need. The artists began by interviewing a number of mental health professionals and surveying Sydneysiders, to see what psychological needs they felt were the most important to address. They then developed contents that would help fulfil those needs, if only for a moment. Every package is different with carefully selected contents - some contain origami and pencils, others hold maps and little games. But all intend to tickle a mental need in an unexpected way.